Dear colleague

We invite all members to take part in this CercleS research by completing the survey on research (culture) in language centres in higher education.

This survey has been prepared by Mark Critchley (Durham University, UK), Sabina Schaffner (Universität Zurich, CH) and Irmgard Wanner (Universität Leipzig, DE).

It is aligned to a project about how a research-enhanced teaching & learning culture is supported and sustained within a language centre environment. The survey will update awareness following previous surveys conducted by FINELC (Rontu & Tuomi, 2012) and AKS (Jordan & Quennet, 2013).

In this survey, the term ‘research’ includes scholarship and refers to engagement in research activities that are directly related to language learning, teaching and assessment in order to develop the work of the language centre.

For the purposes of this survey, public engagement or outreach activities should not be included, nor should research on topics outside the remit of the language centre. Even if your centre is not active in research, please respond to this survey as it will help the team understand the scale of research activity across CercleS.

All data is collected and stored securely, in accordance with the Data Protection Act:

Your responses will be anonymous and will be used for the purposes of this survey as indicated above. The results of the survey will be communicated to CercleS members.

Member institutions are now invited to complete the survey and respond by 20 November 2023, 14:00 (CET)

The survey should be completed by the person in charge of a languagecentre’s programme planning and organisation (e.g. Director, DeputyDirector, unit lead).

It will take you approximately 15-20 minutes to complete this questionnaire. Thank you!